Antique Construction Chemical Company is considered as one of the Leading Supplier of Construction Chemical products in India.ANTIQUE CONSTRUCTION CHEMICAL COMPANY is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company.Antique is the Fastest Growing Company in the Field of Construction Chemical with the Brand Name Antique.Our Product Range of Construction Chemical Such as Epoxy and Grout, Adhesives, Admixtures, Sealers and other for various Applications like Grouting, Fixing of Tiles, Waterproofing etc…

Company Strategy:


To be a Leader in Construction Chemical Industry by Providing Enhanced Products, Services, Relationship and Profitability.


To Provide Quality Products & Services that exceeds the Expectations of our Customers.

Mission Statement:

To Build Long Term Relationship with our Customers and Provide Exceptional Customer Services by Pursuing Business through Innovation and Advanced Technology.

Core Values:

  • We Believe in Treating our Customers with Respect and Faith. We Integrate Honesty, Integrity and Business Ethics into all Aspects of our Business Functioning.
  • Our Choice Leads us and our Taste Defines us.
  • Our World is nothing more than the Extension of our Personality- A Signature that is Individual and Unique, An Irreplaceable Stamp of our Soul.